Affordable Imports LLC

About Affordable Imports LLC of Fort Myers, FL

WELCOME TO THE Affordable Imports LLC

Affordable Imports LLC was built to share our passion for cars, make buying or selling your dream car as simple and satisfying as possible, and make the hobby more enjoyable and accessible. At the core of our operation is a dedicated group of serious car enthusiasts who strive to achieve our corporate vision. This ideal is reflected throughout Affordable Imports LLC operations no matter where you look.

We specialize in selling luxury imports, classic cars, economy cars, SUVs, and Trucks. We are a local business in Fort Myers. We’ve been involved in the vehicle industry for over 15 years. We offer bank financing and warranties.

Why Buy From Affordable Imports LLC?

We undergo extensive factory training to provide you with the knowledge you need to choose the right vehicle for your lifestyle.

  • Stress-free sales department.
  • Robust selection of popular vehicles.
  • Many offers are on-site and trusted by a community.
  • Maintain your car to stay safe on the road
  • We know how to handle a wide range of car services.